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Commercial INsurance 

We have very proudly been in the northern insurance market for 13 years and counting. We have worked our way up from dealing with one single insurance market for all business insurance needs to now dealing with the largest insurer in the world. Safe to say we now have a place for not only your small home based business right up to multi million dollar properties exceeding 10 Million at a single locations. Our strength is our relationships, and employee retention; the same three people whom started the company 13 years ago are still with us today working daily. 

Auto Insurance 

We have been revolutionary in the progression of automobile insurance since entering into the market in 2005. We all those years ago were the first to pioneer a personal lines automobile quoting system in the Northwest Territories. We are currently working on a online quick quote system for residences across NWT/Nunvut/Yukon. This system will enable people to get a quick price quote from our various markets based on the information they provide. Please keep an eye or ear out for the launch! 


Home Insurance

Home insurance is kinda like shopping for a new car, you're kinda excited for it, you're likely going to get a better product than what you currently have, however you just dread the wait time sitting in the office waiting for approvals! We will make it as quick and efficient as possible here at Avid. Being third generation insurance brokers that have over the 80 years in business found you can bet we have found the most efficient/professional way to do it. Try us out we have over 5 personal insurance markets all eager to have a chance at securing your insurance needs.